Monday, November 18, 2013

Introduction To This Blog

     Who am I? First and foremost I'm a child of an amazing and loving God. I am also a fiance and a college student. My name is Renie and I would like to share with you the many things I have learned in my life. I will split this blog into categories. These categories will be for example:
Life Management (or in other words organization and health)
* (posts about God)
Just like my youtube (which you can find here): 
I will use asterisks (**) to surround the title of a post that is about God and my relationship with him. 

     You will get to know me through my posts in time but for now here are a few random things about me so I am not a complete stranger to you.

-I was an exchange student in Brazil my junior year of high school. 

-I am not fluent but can get by speaking in Portuguese(Oi, tudo bom?) or Spanish(Hola, que tal?). I am also on my second year of Russian(
привет, как дела?) and I speak a tiny, tiny bit of ASL. 

-I love astronomy

-I am a big Naruto fan, but I am not caught up on the episodes. I am to scarred to not be able to watch as many as I want when it gets intense so I am taking it slow ^_^

-I also enjoy Doctor Who

-And lastly (for now) I have just recently become obsessed with lolita fashion. 

     To end this post I am going to share some photos of me and my life so you can get to know me just a little bit better.

This is me: 

This is my fiance Andrew and I
We had fun painting each others faces that day. Oh and my shirt says "Fueled by Ramen."  
Out to dinner the night he asked me to marry him. 
And Later that night when I got the ring. 

     Enough pictures for now, but I'll share lots more in the future including pictures of my exchange and so, so many stories. Ta Ta for now.


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