Sunday, February 2, 2014

Naruto Date


     Inspired by the Dating Divas I decided to make a Naruto themed date night for all you nerds out there. I also made some printables! Feel free to use them for your own date night or a family night! 

     I gave my Fiance an invite a couple days before. I told him that was his only clue and didn't tell him anything else about it. 

     Here is the invite along with a tag that I will explain later. feel free to print it off an use it yourself. I put the date on the first blank and then the time on the second. 

On the day of the date I dressed up as Deidara (I know I am not wearing the right village headband but it was the only one I had and I wanted to wear it ^_^)
After I went to get AJ and found out he had decided to dress up a little on his own as well. 
I took him to the set table I had made up so we could eat ramen and rice while taking a "which Naruto character are you?" quiz. He got Naruto which fits him perfectly. He is totally spastic and hyper. I got Kiba. That doesn't really fit me. We always joke how I am a mix of Shikamaru and Sakura because of my lack of motivation and my feistiness haha. You can find the quiz here

Here are the labels I used along with some extras for you to label anything you want. 
After that we went into my room to where I had all the games for our date along with a cute little heart made out of my Naruto books just as a decoration. 

I also wrote "I love you! 'Cause that's my nindo! My ninja way!" on the white board wall as another decoration.

This is a picture of the games table:

Aj decided he wanted to play the shuriken game first. We each got five shuriken and went to opposite ends of the house (one upstairs and the other downstairs). We then sneaked around searching for each other. Who ever got hit first lost the round. We played a total of five rounds. I won the first, he won the middle two, and I won the last two. So in the end I won ^_^. It was a lot of fun. 
The shuriken where pretty easy to make. Aj actually had the idea to make them the week before and surprised me with these:

He took a cardboard box and cut out the shape of a shuriken. Then sketched it over and over to make more. So, I spiffed up the ones he made for the date. 

Out of the shuriken Aj made there was one with a hole in the middle so I used it to trace circles on all the others. I then cut out the circles with a pocket knife. 

After I took some black paint I had and put it on the shuriken to make them look more real. 

I decided to surprise Aj with the shuriken but I think it would be a fun part of the date to make them together as well so it is up to you. And if you don't feel like being crafty then there are plenty of plastic shuriken on ebay and on other websites as well. Here is a link to just one of the many options out there. 

After we played the shuriken game we colored some Naruto coloring pages. 

This is how they turned out. I colored Deidara and Aj colored Gara.

After Aj read a Naruto book while I set up "Naruto Shippuden The Movie." 

We then ended the date by watching the movie. I have to say it was a very fun day that I will always remember! 


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I do not own any part of Naruto. I am just a fan appreciating the show and its products. If I forgot to list where anything came from please let me know and I will gladly tell you.