Friday, September 5, 2014

Journal 8/4/14 - 8/10/14 Date Day At The Park

Monday was the day after my good friends bachlorette party. After cleaning up from the festivities I drove on home. The only picture I took that day was of my nails and because I have been slacking on writing these posts I dont remember what happened that day, but enjoy this photo of my cute nails, beautiful wedding ring and a feather boa haha: 

Lazy time spent in my new Naruto shirt:

All dressed up for who knows what haha: 

Saturday was Aj and I's date day. Once a week we try to have a day where we hangout with each other all day and try to do some fun stuff. I did a post on one of our detailed planned out date days. It was a Naruto date. You can click here to find that.
This date day we went to the park. While there we played frisbee and also with a fox tail (its not an actual fox tail its a ball with a cloth tail).
After running around playing we sat down in the grass to relax and take some photos:

Yes I know, we are crazy!

I have started to write down what I'm doing on days, so that future journal posts will be a lot more like me first two journal posts, and not this one haha. 

Do you have date days? If so I would love to hear about them! It would give me and my hubby more things to try out.



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