Wednesday, August 20, 2014

*Fear God?*

"The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble." - Proverbs 19:23

Fearing God, I guess, is something I never quite understood or I understood the wrong way. In our culture we push the "good" emotions to the front, Especially to our children "Jesus loves me this I know..." How can you fear someone who loves you more than you could imagine? 

When I was young I tried to mix the two together but failed. I had heard that God loved me and cared for me but I thought that was only when I was being good. When I would sin I would ask Jesus back into my heart again thinking I had lost him because I had done wrong. That fear I guess was a good start but my understanding of unconditional love was nonexistent.

I will talk about discovering Gods true love another time because it is so so so important and life changing, but this blogs title is not "Gods Love?" So lets talk about what truly fearing God looks like and why it is a good thing. Because without truly fearing God we can never dive into his true love he has planned for us.

God created the world and has control over everything. He is so powerful. The devil can do nothing without Gods permission. And people ask why would God allow this (insert bad thing here) horrible thing to happen? And once again that is a discussion for another time, but I think a part of that reason is because we need to learn to fear him. If everything was sunshine and rainbows why would we ever want God? We need to experience pain and fear to realize how powerful and amazing God truly is. And to experience true content and joy.

How many of you worry? I have anxiety and I am always thinking of the future. This is one of the biggest things In my life that I need to change. This last spring I took calculus and after the first big test (there where three in the term) I had 100% in the class. It had been since I was really young that I got 100% on a math test and I was excited about it but even more than that it made me feel pressured. I wasn't happy about my A in the class I was worried I would lose my 100% in the class after the next test. I did end up loosing my 100% in the class, but in final grades that doesn't show up anyways. I still got an A in the class which is the best anyone could have done. So why did I worry? Everything is in Gods hands and he has a plan for my life so why do I worry about trivial things? The only thing I should fear is God. 

With everyone in the bible who ever saw God they were terrified and then God said fear not. I agree with Francis Chan, author of the BASIC series (see bellow), when he says that if we had the chance to see God it would be so much easier to fear him. This is because being in Gods presence would be such a terrifying experience. Then when God would say "fear not" we would so easily never fear anything again knowing that this all powerful God is on our side. 

I want to surrender and truly learn to fear God, not just respect him, fear him! And then he will tell me to "fear not." And because of experiencing that true utter fear of him I will never have to worry about anything again; knowing my life is in his caring hands. 

I think my "homework" for this post should be studying the times in the bible when people meet God. I want to learn how to reach that point of utter fear so I will fear no more. So I am going to study and then report back to you how it goes. How did you learn how to truly fear God? Got any good tips? Let me know in the comments. I would love to try them out!

What inspired me to write this post was 
"BASIC. - A devotional film by Francis Chan." I encourage you 
to watch this video bellow and be inspired as well. 


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Journal 7/25/14 - 7/27/14 Getting Married

I wanted to start a new feature on this blog mostly for myself but some others may like it as well. I want to try to do a journal post each week with pictures of things going on in my life. (Scroll down for pictures)

Last week specifically on 7/25/14 I got married to the love of my life. We had a small wedding but it was absolutely breathtaking and I think I have never looked so pretty in my entire life. I didn't think that was going to happen considering my eyebrow broke out with two zits (getting my eyebrows waxed three days before the wedding not the smartest idea I have ever had ^_^). But I looked and felt gorgeous and that's all that matters right? 

My uncle did the ceremony for us and it was out in the woods. I had my grandmas be flower girls which was really adorable! The ceremony was filled with scripture and promises to each other and God. We even tied a knot in place of the candle lighting or sand ceremony. I loved the way it turned out! Oh and did I mention I walked down the isle to one of my childhood favorite songs? Who remembers this one?

My uncle did a talk about Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5:22-24:

"Wives, understand and support your husbands in ways that show your support for Christ. The husband provides leadership to his wife the way Christ does to his church, not by domineering but by cherishing. So just as the church submits to Christ as he exercises such leadership, wives should likewise submit to their husbands."

My grandmothers also read Proverbs 3:1-6:

"My son, do not forget my teaching,
    but keep my commands in your heart,
for they will prolong your life many years
    and bring you peace and prosperity.
Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
    bind them around your neck,
    write them on the tablet of your heart.
Then you will win favor and a good name
    in the sight of God and man.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight."
We also read of beautiful vows that my uncle still has and I need to get from him! 

I dont have the professional photos yet but I have some photos my sister took of the wedding. I will probably come back and edit this post when I have the "official" photos. Enjoy! =)

The morning with my girls (bridesmaids).

Driving to the venue with my MOH.

My God mother helping me put my shoes on.

My dad and I.

A couple photos of me with my awesome flower crown and amazing dress ^_^

My sister and I (She pretty much made the flower crown by herself which I am so thankful for!)

My bridesmaids and I,

Driving up to where the ceremony was held. My MOH was holding me in the vehicle haha.

Tying the knot for real.

The groomsmen.

The Vows.

The kiss.

After the ceremony we took photos and then drove off to a bed and breakfast at the coast. 

The bed and breakfast we stayed in was an adorable little cabin by the lake. The owners were really sweet and the breakfast was fancy, elegant and perfect.

Here is a photo Aj decided to take of me while I was still asleep...

Here are a few photos of our room (excuse the mess)

And yes I did hang my bouquet to dry =)

Photos of  our balcony and view. 

After breakfast we decided to hit up the outlet malls and found some great deals!
I got some Little Mermaid sun glasses from Hot Topic along with a Naruto shirt. I also got a white maxi dress from Maurices and some comfy pants (which I adore but  it took some time for Aj to warm up to them). And I since this store called Cold Water Creek was going out of buiseness I got a $160 dress for $8! 

Aj Got sunglasses from Hot Topic as well (it was buy one get one free!) and a beanie (which I will and have already worn ^_^)

Here is us just goofing off on the deck

When we got back from the mall we went out on the lake in a canoe (the bed and breakfast owners let us use theirs). It was absolutely breath taking and quite funny working as a team against the currents the boats were creating. We didn't go very far because we didn't want to get stuck but it was still really pretty. After we sat on the dock for awhile and enjoyed the sunshine. 
Then we went to look at shops along the beach most were closed by that time but it was still fun.

Sunday we woke up and had another lovely breakfast provided by the Lake House and then packed up our stuff to go. It was a short honeymoon but still very enjoyable =). After loading up the car we drove to the beach. It was very hot outside but freezing cold on the beach because of the wind. Aj climbed up the huge sand dune while I enjoyed the warm sand and then we attempted to make a sand castle without buckets haha. 

On our way home we decided to stop by a casino my family has gone to several times throughout the years for the buffet. We wanted crab so we had to wait a couple hours for their dinner buffet to open. In the mean time with nothing else to do we read cheesy magazines in the car and laughed about some of the ridiculous style in them. 

The buffet didn't actually turn out to be as good as I remembered it but it was still a fun experience and I am glad we did it. 

And now I am glad to be home.

If you liked this post let me know! Are you married? What was your wedding like? Whats your favorite beach to go to? What about your favorite buffet? I would love to have conversations in the comments! 


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