Thursday, September 4, 2014

Journal 7/28/14 - 8/3/14 Garage Sales, Cute Animals and Glow In The Dark Put Put Golf

Monday was an errand day. Oh so exciting ;). So we got some photos of us running around in our happy couple car.

Tuesday was spent at home, with the visiting family, playing video games and such.

 My brother-in-law, me and my husband. They were playing video games:

 My new brother in law said I looked like a house wife haha:

This is Ambush and he loves me ^_^:

Wednesday was a lazy day spent cuddling the animals.

This is chase and he is a sheltie:

Me and my hubby enjoying some relaxing time:

This is Kagura and she likes to get our attention by laying in weird positions and looking cute. She loves to give us puppy dog eyes so we will let her out of her cage and she can run around ^_^:

Ambush shielding his eyes from the sun while he took a nap:

Latter in the night I let Kagura out and she cuddled me while I fed her =):

I am not quite sure what happened Thursday but we got this cute photo of us relaxing haha:

Friday was garage sale day! We took the dog for a walk and looked at a couple garage sales that were in the neighborhood. Aj ended up getting a new charger for his phone because his broke. It was only $0.50 so that worked out well! =)

Before we left I found the cat (Sundance) sleeping on the keyboard. She always sleeps in the strangest of places!:

Ready to leave for our walk:

Ambush decided to follow us for a couple minutes meowing the whole time ^_^:

Chase hasn't been walked very much yet so it was quite an adventure teaching him how to behave on a leash haha:

I found this awesome old school "My Little Pony" jacket at one of the sales. I had to take a picture of it for my brother in law because he is a huge fan of the new series:

I carried him for awhile cause it was hot and he was tired and distracted. Plus who doesn't love puppy cuddles? :

Saturday was a pretty generic day but I still snapped a few photos.

That night Ambush slept with us. You cant really tell from this photo but he was grabbing my big toe with his paw ^_^:

Sunday was one of my best friends bridal shower and bachelorette party. We went to the city to go out for dinner, mini golf and then had a sleep over. It was lots of fun =)

Before leaving for the party me and the hubby spent some time with Kagura:

All dolled up:

I also went to visit my little brother before the party: 

The Bridal Shower:

 After the bridal shower we got ready for the bachlorette party:

We went to the city and found a random guy on the street and asked him to propose to her. Thank you random guy! haha:

After we went out to dinner and then had one of the waiters take a picture of the group. We all wore LBD's besides the bride which was very cute and made us stand out as a group: 

After dinner we went to a glow in the dark put put golf place which was super fun:

 All of the holes had different things you had to do, like spin before your shot or use your opposite hand. For this one it was squat while you shoot: 

For the last hole we all had to shoot at the same time:

Me and the bride stole some treasure ;) :

 I barely got out of the place alive:

Do you go to garage sales? What is the best thing you have ever bought at a garage sale? Have cute pets? I would love to see pictures! And I would also enjoy hearing your bachlorette party stories as well, as long as there not too crazy that is! ^_^



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